Kingston Business School is one of Australia’s leading providers of professional education and training. What sets us apart is that we leverage the information gained through our many industry partnerships to tailor our courses to meet current and emerging industry needs/trends – thus ensuring that our students are on the cutting-edge of industry developments and ready to take on the world.

Our graduates occupy crucial roles in industry and government worldwide. Their achievements have been recognised through numerous industry awards, scholarships and prizes.

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Leading Provider of Professional Education and Training

Expansive Industry Ties

Multi-award Winning

Our People

Our personnel come from all over the globe – with each contributing to the rich fabric of skills and experiences we harness for organisational success. As an organisation, our primary purpose is to provide industry professionals, like you, with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to gain a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing workplace.

At the highest level, we achieve this by ensuring that all our personnel manifest our core value: Kaizen.

What’s Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy which means: continuous improvement / change for the better. We encourage our people to look for ways to grow in their careers and to be actively involved in developing their skills and capabilities.

We believe that in doing so, our people will be able to support their individual development needs, as well as our organisational needs and industry requirements. Correspondingly, we recognise the contributions of our people by celebrating and acknowledging their achievements through our Employee Recognition Award Program.

Björn Stigson, the President of the WBCSD, once said, “Business cannot succeed in societies that fail.”

This is a reflection of another value we hold dear: sustainability. We do not operate in a vacuum. We believe in the intrinsic good of being a contributing member of society and we are cognisant that in so doing, we are also helping to secure our own long-term stability and sustainability in the industry. Kingston Business School accordingly has a highly comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program which promotes and facilitates the active involvement of employees in charity/community based projects.